Singapore airport (IATA Code: SIN, ICAO: SSSC), also called Changi Airport is one of the main airports in Asia, and in turn considered one of the best in the world. Is the major aviation hub in Southeast Asia.

Singapore airport is located about 20 kilometers from the city center with the same name. It is the main international airport offering air transport services to Singapore and is currently regarded as one of the top airports in Asia, due to the number of passengers moved.

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In recent years, the number of passengers that have passed through Singapore airport has increased year after year, and in 2012 was recorded record passengers at this airport, where about 52 million users in transit facilities, which meant on the list of busiest airports in the world ranking 7.

Singapore airport has operations in other Asian cities, as well as major cities in Europe, Africa, and America with over 4,200 weekly flights operated by about 81 airlines.

Changi Airport has three passenger terminals with a total annual handling capacity of 66 million passengers. Terminal 1 opened in 1981, followed by the Terminal 2 in 1990 and Terminal 3 in 2008. In 2017 will open the terminal 4.

In 2012, Singapore airport handled 51.5 million passengers, an increase of 9.5% over the previous year. This made it the seventh busiest airport for international passenger traffic in the world and the second busiest in Asia by international passenger traffic in 2012.

Besides being an important center of passengers, the airport is one of the busiest airports in the world cargo, handling 2.2 million tons of cargo in 2012.

The total number of commercial aircraft movements in Singapore airport was 323,750 in 2012.

The airport has won over 390 awards since 1981, including 23 "best" awards in 2011.

In 2013 Singapore Airport was considered the World's Best Airport. Singapore Airport combines the efficiency and service that travellers expect with excellent shopping, eating and drinking and other leisure activities.

Transit passengers with a break of five hours or more between connecting flights at Singapore Airport can make use of a free two-hour guided Singapore city tour service.

Singapore Airport: Flight Connections

Singapore airport is well connected with major airports of the world from different continents. Most airports in America, such as Boston, Las Vegas or Chicago Airport interoperate with Singapore with a large number flights during the year.

Passengers from Singapore airport can easily fly to major European cities like London, Paris Airport, Belfast, Lisbon, Nantes, Rome, Milan, Pisa Airport... If your destination is Spain, the options are Barcelona, Madrid Airport, Girona, Reus, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Bilbao, Valencia or Tenerife Airport, among others.

Singapore airport also operates in minor important airports such as Auckland, Bristol Airport, Cork, Cardiff and Bournemouth...

Travelling to Central Europe is also simple; Singapore Airport also connects to Dusseldorf Airport, Eindhoven or Geneva (Switzerland).

South America is also connected to Singapore, being able to travel to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro Airport, Sao Paulo ...), Argentina, Chile, Peru ...